ClearOS 6.x Features

ClearOS Professional 6.5.x

The number of apps available in ClearOS can be a bit overwhelming. The ClearOS 6.5.0 release provides some new Marketplace features to help alleviate the situation. The Marketplace Install Wizard now provides 3 install options:

  • For new users, there's a Feature Wizard that steps through various features in ClearOS.
  • For veteran users, the Category Wizard displays apps by category (Server, Network, System and Reports) for quickly selecting what's needed.
  • For MSPs and consultants, the Marketplace Quick Select option provides one-step recipes for deploying customer solutions.

The following new features are included in 6.5.0:

ClearOS Professional 6.4.x

A new reports engine was integrated into the ClearOS 6.4.x release. This engine not only provides a more unified structure for various app reports, but also the tools to dig deeper into the data. In addition, ClearOS will start to find its way onto cloud networks like Amazon EC2!

Apps introduced in this release:

ClearOS Professional 6.3.x

The mail apps were the focus of the 6.3.x release. Though the mail stack in ClearOS 5 was certainly reliable and feature rich, a makeover was completed with this release:

  • A sleek and modern webmail interface powered by Zarafa
  • Drop-in support for Outlook and Exchange deployments
  • Antimalware powered by Kaspersky

Apps introduced in this release:

ClearOS Professional 6.2.x

ClearOS 6.2.x was the first ClearOS 6 release. Along with updating the base system built on source code from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 1), ClearOS 6 included the following major architectural changes:

  • Marketplace
  • 64-bit support
  • Graphical installer

Apps introduced in this release:


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