RAID Manager

The Software RAID app provides status information, reporting and interaction for administering a software RAID array. This app is a UI integration and interface for the ubiquitous madadm software RAID management tool.


If your system does not have this app available, you can install it via the Marketplace.

You can find this feature in the menu system at the following location:

<navigation>System|Storage|Software RAID Manager</navigation>


The configuration of the app is very simple. Monitor array and if so, how often.


Displays the software RAID array level detected (eg. RAID-0, RAID-1, RAID-5 etc.)

Monitor RAID

If enabled, the app will automatically create a summary of the RAID array for the purposes of emailing out a report.

If a report is the same as the previous instance, nothing is sent.


Determines how often to run the report. If a large array is rebuilding (syncing), you may want to disable notifications or decrease the frequency so you are not being bombarded with emails.

Please note, don't expect to receive an email on the same frequency as this setting…If nothing in your RAID status has changed, there is no reason to send a notification, and no email will be sent.

Send Email Notification

There are two possible settings:

On Failure

On failure means an email alert will only be sent in the event an array's status changes from 'Clean' to 'Degraded'. If an array continues to stay in the degraded state (eg. the state does not change), only one email will be sent when the event occurred, regardless of the 'frequency' setting.

Future email alerts will not be sent during the repair/rsync of the array, since the warning level is set only to alert “On Failure”.


Setting to “Always”, means you will receive an alert any time the status of your RAID array's change…either for good or worse. If you have selected a low frequency check time (eg. 1 minute), you will receive emails once a minute during times when the array status is changing (eg. a rsync process).


Set the email address to send notifications to.

Please ensure your mail notification app is installed and configured properly. This app uses this feature to send out notifications.

RAID Array Summary

Displays the real-time state of the array.


Command Line Utility

A command line script is provided for convenience. As root, run:


Use the -f flag if you want to force current display of the RAID array and send out an email alert (if notification is enabled).

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