System Requirements

You will need hardware of some type to run ClearOS. ClearOS works best as a server operating system on dedicated hardware or as a virtual server. It does not work well as a desktop operating system for users to use productivity apps or browse the web. You can use most any x86-based computer or server on the market today to run ClearOS. ClearOS 7 only supports 64-bit processors so make sure that your server is new enough to support this hardware architecture. If you are using ClearOS as a gateway, you will need at least two network interface cards, one for the internet side and one for the local network (LAN) side.

Many models of HPE servers have been certified for running ClearOS. These models include:

ClearBOX 300You also have the option of purchasing ClearBOX hardware that is pre-tested and certified for use for ClearOS from ClearCenter.


For hardware, virtual, and cloud environments, the base requirements are as follows:

Base System
Processor/CPU 64-bit
Memory/RAM At least 1 GB is recommended (see guidelines below)
Hard Disk At least 10 GB is recommended (see guidelines below)
Network Ethernet, Cable, DSL

For hardware installs, the requirements are as follows:

Network Cards A network card is required for install
DVD Drive Required for DVD installation only
USB Required for USB key installation only
Mouse Not required
Monitor and Keyboard Required for installation only

Size Requirements

The following are guidelines for estimating the right hardware for your system. Keep in mind, the hardware required depends on how you use the software.

RAM and CPU 5 users 5-25 users 25-50 users 50-250 users 250+ users
Processor/CPU Low-Power Basic Dual-Core Quad-Core Multi-Core + Multi-Processor
Memory/RAM 1-2 GB 2-4 GB 4-8 GB 8-16 GB 16-32 GB
Hard Disk
Hard Disk Installation and logs require 2 GB. We recommend 20 GB or more - additional optional storage is up to you
RAID Recommended for mission critical systems. Software RAID is supported and most hardware RAID cards are supported

The following software modules are processor and memory intensive:

Hardware Requirements


All modestly modern hardware includes a compatible CPU. For those installing ClearOS on very old hardware, the CPU requirement is as follows:

  • Intel architectures from Pentium 6 and onward
  • AMD architectures from Athlon and onward

Network Cards

Generally, ClearOS does a good job at auto-detecting hardware and most mass-market network cards are supported. ClearBOX also includes wireless support. While many wireless cards will work with ClearOS, only a few are officially supported. VLANs are supported on ClearOS. If you use VLANs, you will have to have a VLAN capable switch that is also configured for tagging.

Internet Connection

ClearOS supports most fiber, DSL (including PPPoE), and cable modem broadband Internet connections as well as standard Ethernet connections. ISDN and satellite broadband are not supported unless terminated with a standard Ethernet connection.

RAID Support

Check out some additional resources to help you get your hardware configured and get the software ready for your installation.


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