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Downloading ClearOS

ClearOS 7 is available for download. This version of ClearOS installs all types of ClearOS from the same ISO. So if you plan to use ClearOS Business, Home, or Community, you will use the same installer. The distinctions between the versions will happen later in the wizard and after packages are installed from the Internet to enable your version of ClearOS to excel in the environment you choose.

Verifying the Download Image

To verify the integrity of the download, you should check the SHA1 sum of the file. What is a SHA1 sum? To make a long story short, an SHA 1sum is a simple way to verify the integrity of a downloaded file. We have calculated mathematically a number to represent the entirety of the large ISO image file. You can view that sum here for your appropriate download.

For Windows, you can often use CD burning software to verify an SHA1 sum. Alternatively, you can download and install the free Microsoft tool that will check the sum. In Linux and on Mac, you can use the command line or terminal to calculate the SHA1 sum (for example):

  • Mac:

shasum ~/Downloads/ClearOS-DVD-x86_64-7.1beta3.iso

  • Linux

sha1sum ~/ClearOS-DVD-x86_64-7.1beta3.iso

Next Steps

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