Prototyping, unsupported apps, and tricks

Welcome to the Skunkworks. The Skunkworks are a collection of howtos and guides which can help the hacker and tweakers of ClearOS to create solutions to ClearOS outside of the mainstream or even to develop projects that will become mainstream. This area is full of documents of varying degrees of maturity and we ask that if you use them that you do so in a test environment or have either a high familiarity with Linux or a great degree of patience and diligence to search and ask questions on the forums.

So welcome. Let's roll up our sleeves and get to the inner workings of ClearOS and associate apps.


Prototyping and Skunkworks

This section of documentation deals with items that are either obvious hacks or are templates for future apps. Some items may also be howtos and referenced from the howto section. All methods here are typically unsupported but are designed to document, collaborate, and improve methodologies in order for them to become apps or supported methods or best practices

Cloud Prototypes, Hacks, and Tricks

Server Prototypes, Hacks, and Tricks

Network Prototypes, Hacks, and Tricks

Gateway Prototypes, Hacks, and Tricks

Settings Prototypes, Hacks, and Tricks

All Prototypes, Hacks, and Tricks

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