Install NTOP for Network Traffic Monitoring



The web-based ntop software provides detailed network usage and monitoring reports for your ClearOS system. Ntop does require some horsepower to monitor your network, so be cautious when installing it on lightweight systems.


To install ntop on your ClearOS5.x system, run:

yum --enablerepo=base-extras install ntop

To install ntop on your ClearOS 6.x system, run:

yum --enablerepo=clearos-epel,clearos-core install ntop

Next, you need to set a password for the ntop web-based administration interface:

ntop -A

To start ntop, run:

service ntop start

To start ntop on every boot, run:

chkconfig ntop on


You can access ntop via your favorite web browser. The web-based administration interface runs on port 3000, so the web address will look something like

By default, the ntop reports are accessible by anyone on your local network. If you would like to limit access to only the administrator,

  • Go to Admin > Configure > Protect URLs in the menu.
  • Enter your login information: admin is your username and the password is what was set during installation.
  • Click on Add URL near the bottom of the web page
  • Leave the URL field blank (which means all) and click on the Add URL button.

Useful options

  • Admin → Configure → Startup Options: Sticky hosts. Beware additional resource usage.
  • Admin → Configure → Startup Options: Local Subnet Address (i.e
  • Admin → Switch NIC. ntop will only display information from the selected NIC, unless merge mode is active.

See for more information


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