Once you have your network up and running with the first boot wizard, you can configure all other ClearOS features from the web browser of any desktop or laptop computer. Throughout this user guide, we call this web-based administration tool Webconfig.

Webconfig Access

To access the ClearOS Webconfig (the web-based administration tool), type the following into your web browser:


for example:

The IP address that you need to use was selected during Installation Wizard|installation or on first boot. If you do not remember this information, you can always connect a keyboard and monitor to the system and check the information provided on the console.

Please note the following about Webconfig:

  • it uses the encrypted protocol (https instead of http)
  • it runs on a non-standard port (the :81 appended to the web page address) so that it does not interfere with an existing web server

Webconfig Certificate Warning

You will see a warning about your security certificate (see adjacent screenshot). Click on the appropriate button to ignore the message or accept the certificate. Your connection is still secure and encrypted, but your server certificate is not official. A quality valid certificate can cost over $100 a year to maintain and is not typically necessary in this situation.

Webconfig Username and Password

You will then see a login prompt (see adjacent screenshot). Login with the username root and your system password.

You should also note that regular users can login to change their password and download security certificates. If you have configured administrator access, users will also have access to specified pages in Webconfig.

Webconfig Help

Every configuration page in the web-based administration tool includes a web link to the user guide. If you ever need more information on a particular page, simply click on the link (see adjacent screenshot) to access the relevant page in this user guide.

In addition, you will see a link to access professional ClearCARE technical support from ClearCenter. If you are subscribed technical support, help is just a click away.

Webconfig Next Step

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