First Boot

When you first boot the system after the installation has completed, you will be presented with some configuration options to complete the install. These settings are necessary for the configuration of certificates, changes to network settings, and options to register the system on ClearSDN.

The system will boot to a login screen at the console. You must provide the username 'root' and the password you supplied during the install.

If you need to drop to a command line when presented with this screen, you can press 'CTRL+ALT+F1' (F1-F6 are command line terminals, F7 is a log for the XWindows environment, and F8 is the graphical user interface for Webconfig).

To get back to Webconfig, press 'CTRL+ALT+F8'.

You can also start the wizard from a web browser on a different system if necessary. Access the Webconfig through your web browser at https://hostname_or_ip_address:81. You must have port 81 accessible to do this. This interface is available if you are on the inside network of the server in gateway mode.


Select your language from the menu and click Next to continue.


The network setting here can be changed at this time. This is useful if you had to install the server using different IP addresses (network install) or if you made an error during the installation. In order to register at this time you must have a valid connection to the Internet.

You may also change the mode of the server. This is useful if you did not have the correct drivers for your network card when you installed the system and had to install it in standalone server mode and have added the drivers since then.

Please refer to the IP Settings help if you need to change any of the settings here.

Click Next to continue.

Time Zone

Select your time zone from the list provided. If your city is not provided, select the nearest major city that is also within the same time zone as your server.

Click Next to continue.


Specify the Internet domain of this server. This is the domain name (e.g. of your organization and not the hostname of this server.

Click Next to continue.


The organization data is used to create server certificates for this server. Enter accurate information here.

  • Internet Hostname - the host name for this server, e.g.
  • Organization - the organization using the system, e.g. Acme Corporation, Home
  • Unit - the division or unit of this organization, e.g. Corporate, IT, Accounting
  • Street - the street address for the organization.
  • City - the city for the organization.
  • Regions - the state, province or region for the organization.
  • Country - the country for the organization.list.
  • Postal Code - the postal/zip code for the organization.

Click Next to continue.


At the conclusion of the setup wizard, we recommend that you continue ClearOS configuration using a standard web browser on any desktop system. You can find out more about ClearOS Webconfig here.


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