Installation Fails Asking to 'Insert the CD or other media'

This troubleshooting guide will help you if you get an error during your install asking to insert the CD or to provide the path to the installation directory.

Why it is failing

There are several reasons why the installation will reject the media you are using to install ClearOS. This can range from the inability of the optical drive to read the data, or corruption with the data that is stored on the disk.

Preventing corruption on the disk

It is important for data that you burn to the disk or the USB to be free of defects from the download. To validate your data, we've provided a list of MD5 checksums that will validate your ISO or binary image that you download. For example, if you downloaded ClearOS 6.5 from the release note's page here, you will see some hexadecimal numeric strings representing a mathematical cypher of the bits on the file. You can use tools like WinMD5FREE for Windows or command line tools in Mac or Linux to check the file's checksum.

  • Mac
md5 clearos-professional-6.5.0-x86_64.iso
  • Linux
md5sum clearos-professional-6.5.0-x86_64.iso

When you burn your image, be sure to use the 'verify' option on your burning program to validate that your write to the disk now matches the ISO image on file as well.

Problems with Optical drives

Certain optical drives have problems reading disks. This can happen because the ClearOS disk is highly compressed. This means that if the reader fails in any bits, it can cause issues.

In some cases, users reported being able to burn the CD image to a DVD instead and having the DVD drive read the DVD better than the same CD that passed in all other verification tests. If your drive is a DVD drive, try using a DVD disk instead.


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