Installing and configuring phpLDAPadmin

phpLDAPadmin can be a useful tool for browsing and editing (be careful!) the LDAP database.

<note warning>It can be very easy to mess up your LDAP database by editing it. You have been warned.</note>


From the command line do a:

yum install phpldapadmin

Configuring the web server

In /etc/httpd/conf.d/phpldapadmin.conf change the restrictions to allow access from your LAN or desire IP addresses. ClearOS uses Apache 2.4 so change:

Require local

to something like

Require ip

<note>This allows all private IP's. You may want to restrict it a lot further</note>

Configuring phpLDAPadmin

You need to make the following edits to /etc/phpldapadmin/config.php:

server host


// $servers->setValue('server','host','');



login attr



// $servers->setValue('login','attr','uid');

Logging into phpLDAPadmin

Navigate to:


When you log into phpLDAPadmin use the Bind DN and Bind Password from the Webconfig Directory Server page, or you can get the values from the command:

php /var/clearos/openldap/config.php


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