Mail Server Options for ClearOS

This guide will help you decide which mail system is best for you to run under ClearOS.

Comparing versions

There are 4 different mail options with ClearOS presently.

  • Google Apps + Google Apps Synchronization
  • SMTP Server + Cyrus IMAP (also known as the IMAP and POP Server app)
  • SMTP Server + Zarafa Community
  • SMTP Server + Zarafa Small Business
Feature/Solution Google AppsCyrusZarafa CommunityZarafa Small Business
Requires Free SMTP Server App - X X X
Works with AD Connector - - - -
IMAP/POP Support X X X X
Web Client Interface X * X X
Support for Gmail App on Android X - - -
Support for ActiveSync X - X X
MIME Outlook support - - - X
Multi-User Calendar X - X X
Per User Costs X - - X
Supported by ClearCenter X X - X
Community Support X X X X

* Community supported Howtos exist to enable web-based mail in Cyrus using SquirrelMail, HastyMail and RoundcubeMail.

Google Apps

Google Apps is for organizations that are already using Google Apps or who would like to implement Google Apps and use ClearOS for creating and managing users. With this service, you pay Google and ClearCenter for the app and support.

Cyrus IMAP and POP Server

Cyrus IMAP is for advanced admins who don't need a web interface and want a 100% free method for POP3 and IMAP. This module is free and does not include support. Cyrus requires that you install the SMTP Server module.

Zarafa Community Edition

Zarafa Community adds a nice web interface in addition to supporting POP3 and IMAP. You can also use ZPush to send email to mobile devices. Zarafa Community is a low cost solution without user licenses. You pay a nominal fee for the app and, like Cyrus, support is community driven and not supported by ClearCenter. Zarafa requires that you install the SMTP Server module.

Zarafa Small Business Edition

Zarafa Small Business has all the features of Zarafa Community but it also supports MIME connections for MS Outlook support. Zarafa Small Business also contains Advanced Multi-user Calendaring features not available on the Community Edition. This product is similar to MS Exchange in its feature set but does require add-on features at the client level. Users of MS Outlook can install and connect with the Zarafa Outlook Client which, when installed, integrates into MS Outlook. This version is available with per-user pricing and is supported by ClearCenter. Zarafa requires that you install the SMTP Server module.


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