How Much Memory do I Need for My ClearOS

This guide discusses some capacity planning needed for proper ClearOS implementations. It is meant as a general guide and does not represent all of the factors that need to be considered for a proper deployment of ClearOS. It does, however, discuss some well known requirements and needs.

Operating System

ClearOS requires a minimum of 1 GB of memory to perform the graphical installation. You can install ClearOS with less memory but 1 GB is the recommended MINIMUM for ClearOS. Below 512 MB of RAM you may experience serious operating limitations.

Virtual Memory / Swap Memory

Setting swap memory on ClearOS above 2048 Megabytes will largely be ineffective and wasted even if you have a large amount of RAM available. A general rule is to set as much swap as you have RAM up to 2048. We recommend, however, setting the swap to 2048 regardless of the current RAM because the amount of RAM can be dynamic and changing the swap size is generally a more difficult task after the fact.


ClearOS Applications use RAM in various different ways. The applications of greatest concern are those which consume RAM based on a per user or per connection basis:


If you are using a Samba 3 based process (the Windows Networking module or the 'File' based flexshare) then you need to plan for capacity based on an expected per user basis. Each connection to ClearOS for a discrete machine will consume 2.5 to 3 Megabytes of RAM for each connection. Samba 4 requirements for memory are much, much HIGHER.

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