Disabling DHCP and DNS in ClearOS

This guide covers disabling DHCP and DNS in ClearOS as services. Some installations of ClearOS may be implemented into environments with existing services for DHCP or DNS. In these environments, there may be conflicts or security reasons for removing these as running services from ClearOS.

Shutting Down DNSMASQ

ClearOS' DHCP and DNS Caching services are provided by default by the dnsmasq service. The following commands from a command prompt will stop and disable the service:

chkconfig --level 2345 dnsmasq off
service dnsmasq stop

If you ever want to revert this change, perform the following:

chkconfig --level 345 dnsmasq on
service dnsmasq start

I want to keep DNS Caching but NOT DHCP

Since this service is integrated, you cannot turn off DHCP without disrupting DNS services. However, you can unconfigure all settings and scopes available. To do this, log into Webconfig and navigate to the DHCP server in the Network section. Perform the following:

  • Click the edit button on the Settings section and change Authoritative to Disabled
  • In the Subnets section, hit the Delete button on all entries. There should ONLY be Configure buttons on all entries.


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