Console Access to Webconfig

ClearOS is designed to be accessed through its web management interface, Webconfig, from a browser on a management workstation or other remote device. In some situations this is not feasible due to security constraints or because of virtualization requirements. This guide will help you manage ClearOS from its console interface. There are basically 2 methods for this:

  • Using the existing console session browser.
  • Deploying a full x11 environment and using a browser in that environment.


Webconfig uses a lot of features and plugins not readily available to the simple browsers discussed in this howto. For example, many of the reports simply will not work or will need a variety of plugins installed which are beyond the scope of this article.

Default console session browser

The default graphical console that comes with ClearOS is a simplified xWindows session with a very simple browser. The purpose of the limited options in that session are to allow a user to manipulate the network setting and then move to a different workstation for general configuration.

The default console session after login

From this window, you can bring up the browser navigation by typing Ctrl+L from your keyboard. You can type in the following URL (note the http instead of https):

Input URL with a Ctrl+L

You can either open this in the existing session or in a tabbed session. This will log you into the interface locally. As you will notice, the console session is optimized for compatibility and not for aesthetics. As a consequence, not all of the interface will fit on the one page.

Webconfig in a console session

Installing and using the ClearOS Core Graphical Desktop

Another alternative is to run the full ClearOS Core graphical desktop. There is a performance cost for keeping your server running with this desktop but it does give a LOT of flexibility for not only Webconfig but other great local apps on ClearOS Core.

Follow this guide to install the graphical desktop.

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