Changing Sender from Address for Selected Users

Sometimes an organization will have multiple email addresses or domains within it. Or in some cases, multiple domains share the same Zarafa server. This method will change the sender 'from' address on the backend without required 'send as' functionality or changing the from address which are discussed in different topics.

To permanently change the sender's from address, you will need to modify the users 'mail' attribute in LDAP. The easiest way to do this presently is to use 'ldapvi' from command line. You will need a basic knowledge of 'vi' and will need to follow this guide to set it up.

Before making this change, your SMTP Server should be set up to have the new domain as a destination domain.

Making improper changes to your LDAP directory can seriously affect your running ClearOS system. Proceed with caution.

Making the change

Use 'ldapvi' to modify the LDAP by using the manager password found in your 'Directory Server' module.

ldapvi -w "LDAPpasswordHEREinTHEquotes"

Navigate to the user. You can use '/username' then enter to find it in the directory.

Within the user's record, modify the entry. In my example this is the user's record:

22 cn=Charlie Schmoe,ou=Users,ou=Accounts,dc=system,dc=lan
uid: cschmoe
givenName: Charlie
sn: Schmoe
objectClass: top
objectClass: posixAccount
objectClass: shadowAccount
objectClass: inetOrgPerson
objectClass: clearAccount
objectClass: zarafa-user
objectClass: clearMailAccount
cn: Charlie Schmoe
uidNumber: 1002
loginShell: /sbin/nologin
gidNumber: 63000
homeDirectory: /home/cschmoe
clearAccountStatus: enabled
userPassword: {sha}q1yN/zhdk8ZBtHFv8PxtpZ25wj8=
clearSHAPassword: {sha}q1yN/zhdk8ZBtHFv8PxtpZ25wj8=
clearSHA1Password: ab5c8dff385d93c641b4716ff0fc6da59db9c23f
clearMicrosoftNTPassword: 96C529BCA4700B6A976790381229175C
zarafaAccount: 1
zarafaAdmin: 0
zarafaQuotaHard: 10000
zarafaQuotaOverride: 1
zarafaQuotaWarn: 9000
zarafaQuotaSoft: 9500

His email is currently ''. I will modify the 'mail' line (using the 'i' for Insert mode in 'vi') so that his new reply address will be ''

Change this:


To this:


You may also have to add the user's ORIGINAL email as an alias. Presently, this can not be done in WebConfig. Add this line:


Your entry should now have both addresses side by side:


Use <esc>:wq to save the file. It will prompt you with something like this:

add: 0, rename: 0, modify: 1, delete: 0
Action? [yYqQvVebB*rsf+?] 

Press 'y' and <Enter> to save the updated LDAP.

Putting it into effect

To activate this change you must restart the Zarafa Server service. If this will affect production, do so after hours or at the next maintenance window.


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