Login Scripts in Windows Networking

This howto illustrates how to manage windows logon scripts in ClearOS.

Enable logon script

Validate your file server has logon scripts enabled in <navigation>Server » Windows Settings » Logon Script</navigation>. By default it is called logon.cmd.

Now log into a workstation that is part of the domain using the winadmin user account.

In windows, click on Start » Run and type:


Replace servername with the netbios name of your server. NOTE: you cannot browse to this folder because it is hidden.

Make sure the option 'Hide extensions for known file types' is disabled. Create a net text file and rename it to logon.cmd. Confirm the change of the file extention.

Right-click on the file and click edit.

Here is sample logon script code:

@echo off
net use m: \\servername\share /persistent:yes


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