Accessing the Command Line from a Remote System

You can use SSH (Secure Shell) to access the command line on a ClearOS system.

Linux and MacOS

Linux and MacOS X already have SSH clients installed by default. Open up a terminal window and type:

ssh root@

Change to the IP address of your ClearOS system. Type in your system password and you will find yourself at the ClearOS command prompt.


For Windows users, you can download the free Putty SSH tool for remote shell / command line access.

For a more colorful/friendly GUI try Tunnelier. This allows you to save multiple connection profiles, which is useful if you have more than one system to administer.

After you startup the software:

  • type in the IP address or hostname into the host name field
  • click on Open
  • type in root at the login prompt and then your system password

You will find yourself at the ClearOS command prompt.

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