What Happens to My App After I Submit It to the ClearOS Repo

When Developing Apps for ClearOS, you will submit it to the ClearOS Builder using Bitbucket.

Submit branches

GIT Branching Model You will need to branch your project for ClearOS by tagging it 'clear7' if you want to build on ClearOS 7. For ClearOS 6, simply tag your branch as 'clear6' as well. For more information on branching, please read through this article by Vincent Driessen.

Building Automagically

Koji Builder Once your code is checked in, the ClearOS team will import your repo to be watched by the builder and your code will automatically build if everything is working well. You will see code entering the build system and will get information from the Koji Build Site.

Man Behind the Curtain

Once you submit your code to Bitbucket, the Koji build system will do it's magic and you will end up with your package on the testing mirror. If this is a community package, this will end up on the public mirrors in testing. If this is a private/paid package, it will end up in the closed testing mirrors. You will need the proper SDN licensing to get it and test it. Please contact ClearCenter for assistance if this is the case.

Getting access to your code

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