ClearOS Enterprise 5.2 Release Notes

The following release notes provide an overview of the ClearOS Enterprise 5.2 release. All users should read this document, but special attention should be made by users upgrading their systems to this release.

What's New


Upgrading from ClearOS Enterprise 5.1

If your ClearOS 5.1 install was upgraded from ClarkConnect 5.0, run:

rpm -e app-upgradeto51

For all ClearOS Enterprise 5.1 systems, run:

yum clean all
yum install app-upgradeto52
yum upgrade 


You can download ClearOS Enterprise 5.2 from the download section of the web site.

  • ClearOS Enterprise 5.2 - MD5Sum: 5f474b3d4f7275d564f54e6594ddc00d

Creating Install/Upgrade Media

There are three ways to install or upgrade ClearOS:

  • Bootable CD
  • USB key (requires Internet access)
  • PXE-enabled network card

The User Guide for more information on how to create your install media.

Deprecated Packages

The following key packages are no longer included in this release:

4.x to 5.x

  • apt (replaced by yum)
  • bpalogin (deprecated)
  • dev (replaced by udev)
  • dspam (deprecated)
  • gallery (unsupported, but still available)
  • pcmcia-cs (deprecated)
  • squirrelmail (unsupported, but still available)

Software Package Notes - ClarkConnect 4.3 to ClearOS 5.2

If you have only used the ClarkConnect web-based administration tool to configure and manage your system, the required changes for the upgrade are handled automatically. If you have customized configuration files or other aspects of your system, you may need to intervene to re-integrate your custom changes.


Apt has been replaced by yum.


The bandwidth management system is very different in ClarkConnect 4.x. Old bandwidth rules will need to be re-configured using the new Bandwidth. Port ranges are no longer supported.


Some options in the Flexshare system have been simplified. In ClarkConnect 4.2 and earlier, it was possible to configure different groups for a single Flexshare. This option is no longer available – a Flexshare can only be assigned to a single group.


Support for very old CPUs has been dropped (i586 / Pentium 2 or earlier).

LAN Backup/Restore

The Bacula LAN Backup/Restore feature will be deprecated in a future release. You can still use this powerful backup tool in ClearOS, but we expect to replace it with a simpler backup tool. For those with fast networks, the Remote Server Backup solution is a good option.

Peer-to-Peer Engine

The new Protocol Filter tool handles peer-to-peer blocking (among many other protocols). If you have enabled peer-to-peer blocking in ClarkConnect 4.x, you should review and reconfigure your peer-to-peer policy


The /dev/ system has been replaced by udev.

Web Proxy

The web proxy software has been upgraded to 2.6.STABLE21. Important features (notably IP reporting for the content filter) are not yet available in Squid 3.0. For this reason, ClearOS will continue to use the same source code version used by Red Hat Enterprise Linux / CentOS.

Windows / Samba

The Windows/Samba software is now completely integrated into the ClearOS LDAP/directory system. If you have configured your 4.x system as a primary domain controller (PDC), you will need to rejoin every workstation to the 5.x system. This is an unfortunate but unavoidable requirement in the 4.x to 5.x upgrade.

Just to re-iterate the warning message above: if you have customized the Windows/Samba configuration outside of the webconfig, you will need to carefully review and possibly re-integrate those custom changes. If you enabled roaming profiles in ClarkConnect 4.x, then we're looking at you.

Software Package Notes - 4.0/4.1/4.2

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