ClearOS Enterprise 5.1 Release Candidate 1 Release Information

Released: December 5, 2009

The final release of ClearOS Enterprise 5.1 is just around the corner! This release candidate has all the features available and is ready for limited production use. The last items that are still outstanding:

  • ClearSDN registration and services are active in the release candidate, but we have not yet opened up registrations to the general public.
  • The console and graphical console tool are certainly functional, but we will likely make some usability changes.
If you have not already done so, please review the introduction to test releases.

Known Issues

  • network-multiwan group is missing in the installer (gateway mode)
  • Network and user related pages are unacceptably slow
  • Some minor cosmetic look and feel issues (notably in Internet Explorer)
  • ClearSDN services and integration should be considered beta
  • Intrusion prevention page has incorrect time values
  • Console tool is not yet complete (usability and cosmetic items)


Beta 2 to Release Candidate 1

  • System registration and ClearSDN capable (testing begins at a later date)
  • Completed webconfig menu system and template
  • Re-enabled the standard console tool; graphical console is now an option in the installer
  • Updated Samba to version 3.4.3 for improved Windows 7 support
  • Updated bandwidth manager version (IMQ)
  • Updated to latest CentOS/RHEL kernel
  • Added antiphishing feature
  • Mail quarantine fixed
  • The usual minor bug fixes

Beta 1 to Beta 2

  • Updated build to use CentOS/RHEL 5.4 sources (Linux kernel incomplete).
  • Updated Samba to version 3.4.2 in preparation for improved Windows 7 support.
  • Added new validation to make sure user, group and flexshare names do not overlap.
  • Fixed missing allusers Samba group mapping.
  • Added missing file ( that broke some webconfig pages.
  • Exposed the Domain Admins/domain_admins group in the web interface.
  • Re-added most of the missing reports, still a work in progress.
  • Fixed logo on web server start page (note: the old logo will still be seen for upgrades).


Please post your feedback in the online forums!

Upgrade from Earlier Betas

To upgrade from the ClearOS Enterprise 5.1 betas, run:

yum upgrade
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