Upgrading from Community or Home Edition


If you are running on a ClearOS Community subscription and you want to upgrade to a Home or Business subscription OR if you are running on a ClearOS Home subscription and you want to upgrade to a Business subscription, you will need to follow these steps to change the registration.

You cannot downgrade from Home or Business to Community edition. For more info, click here.

Home or Business Subscription Required

It is important to note that you will need to have acquired a Home or Business subscription before reregistering ClearOS.


Navigate in Webconfig to:


The webpage below will appear.


Select the correct edition. The webpage below will appear.


Fill out the System Registration form and be sure to select 'New Install' under Type. An available subscription will appear if you have purchased one.


After clicking 'Register System', the webpage below should appear. All fields should be filled in.


If you upgraded from Community edition within 30 days of registering it, you will not need to complete the following step.

Repository Updates

After registering, install the Software Repository app (if not already) and disable 'clearos-updates', 'clearos-centos', 'clearos-centos-updates' and 'clearos-epel' repositories, as they are for Community only and will get replaced with the verified equivalent reserved for Home and Business editions. Alternatively, run the command:

yum-config-manager disable clearos-updates,clearos-centos,clearos-centos-updates,clearos-epel
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