Zarafa Small Business

Zarafa Small Business for ClearOS provides a powerful mail and groupware solution with:

  • Mail / Webmail
  • Contacts
  • Calendars
  • Tasks



If your system does not have this app available, you can install it via the Marketplace.

You can find this feature in the menu system at the following location:

<navigation>Server|Messaging and Collaboration|Zarafa Small Business for ClearOS</navigation>

Migration from Exchange, Outlook, IMAP

If you are migrating from an existing mail / groupware system, please read the following documentation: Migrating To Zarafa On ClearOS

Purchase and Zarafa Serial Number

After purchasing Zarafa Small Business through Marketplace, a serial number will be issued to you within one business day. You will need to enter this serial number into the ClearOS app page in order to fully activate your Zarafa install. The serial number will be emailed to the address you have used when creating your ClearCenter Account.

Your Zarafa serial number is not the same as your ClearCenter subscription serial number.

If you ever need to retrieve your serial number or did not receive an email, login to the ClearCenter Portal and navigate to “Account –> Asset Management –> Subscriptions”. Click on “View” to see a subscription's detail. See screenshot below that illustrates how to find your Zarafa serial that is used in Webconfig.


The base mail domain is used by a number of apps: SMTP Server, IMAP, Mail Filter, etc. Each app saves this information in its own configuration file, but we really only want to see the domain in one place in the user interface. That's where the Mail Settings app comes in. This might not be the way we'll do it in the final release, but that's how it is done right now:

  • Go to <navigation>System|Account Manager|Account Manager</navigation> to make sure the accounts system (users/groups) is running.
  • Go to <navigation>System|Settings|Mail Settings</navigation> to set the mail domain.
  • Go to <navigation>System|Accounts|Users</navigation> to create a few users. Please make sure the SMTP Server User and Zarafa Account are enabled for the user. Feel free to fill out the contact information too - this information is shown in Zarafa's address book!
  • Go to <navigation>System|Accounts|Groups</navigation> to create a group or two. You will see a new option when adding/editing a group: Distribution List. If you leave this option enabled, the group becomes a mail distribution list (e.g. will go to all the members of the sales group).
  • Go to <navigation>Server|Messaging and Collaboration|Zarafa Small Business for ClearOS</navigation> and start all the servers (if not running).
  • A serial number is provided within one business day of making the Zarafa purchase via Marketplace. Add this serial number to your install via the web-based administration tool.

That's it. You should be able login to the Zarafa web client with your user account credentials:

Webmail Access

You can access the webmail interface by visiting https://w.x.y.z/webapp.

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