Upgrading Community Edition to Home/Business - Within 30 days of Registration

Upgrading Between Editions

First, please note this document describes the process for upgrading between ClearOS editions (eg. Community to Business), not versions (eg. 6.x to 7.x).

During the first 30 days after registration of a “New Install” ClearOS 7 Community Edition, the server has temporary access to restricted repositories that are designated for paying customers of the Home or Business Editions.

At any time during the first 30 days, you may upgrade to a paid Edition. Users may want to do this for any number of reasons:

  • “Kicking the tires” and want to deploy in a production (business setting)
  • Found out life managing a server is a lot easier when one has paid support contract
  • Found out about paid apps and services in the Marketplace and realized it was more economical to go with a Business or Home subscription that includes these apps at lower price
  • Valued the software and wanted to help out financially to the platform's continued development

Whatever your reason, we are happy to help assist you in upgrading.


If you have decided that you would like to upgrade editions, first decide which edition (Home or Business) is right for you.

If you have decided on Home Edition, select and purchase your subscription, starting here.

If you have selected the Business Edition, configure and purchase your subscription, starting here.

Once you have your paid subscription, please create a support ticket, being sure to select which Community Edition you would like to upgrade and with the subject “Community Edition Upgrade”.

Our upgrade team will contact you upon receipt and provide additional details on how to upgrade.


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