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As stated on the Plex Website, Plex is “All your media, wherever you are”. And what better platform to run Plex on than ClearOS!


If your system does not have this app available, you can install it via the Marketplace.

You can find this feature in the menu system at the following location:

<navigation>Server|File|Plex Media Server</navigation>


The ClearOS Plex app provides a missing piece to the Plex solution by implementing time and device based access control lists (ACL) to restrict who can access media hosted on the Plex server and at what times.

One common use case for enabling ACL is to limit the times children can access the media server from devices such as tablets, iPads or video consoles (eg. PS3).

In another scenario, you may have visitors/guests over to your home and give them access to your network - say, a babysitter or friends. However, you do not want these users have access to your media library. Using ACL lists provides the mechanism to do just this.


By default, the mode of the Plex app is “Allow all”. In this mode, any device that has access to your network (eg. is on your LAN) can access the media server.

To change the mode, click “Edit” and select “Block all devices on LAN - allow exceptions”. In this mode, no device can access the media server unless you create a rule.

Creating Time Definitions Rules

Before you can create ACL rules, you need to create a time of day rule. This sub-rule is used to create ACL rules within specific time periods.

Remember, time based rules are periods where devices will be *allowed access* to the Media Server.

To create a time-based sub-rule, click on the “Add/Edit ACL Definition” button. Add a nickname, time window, and select the days of the week the rule should apply.

If you want to explicitly allow any time of day, select 00:00 for the start and 00:00 for the end time. With this definition, no time of day restriction will be used.

Once you have at least one time-based definition, it's time to add an ACL allow (exception rule).

If you mode is in “Block all devices on the LAN - Allow Exceptions”, you will see a table with heading “Device ACL Exception List”. In the table, click on the button “Add ACL Rule”.

You will be prompted with a dropdown list of all devices that have been identified on your LAN, and another field listing all your ACL time definition rules. Select a combination to create an exception.

This app uses the Network Mapping app. This app is restricted to mapping 20 devices in the Community Edition. In ClearOS Professional, you can map an unlimited number of devices.

Accessing Plex

Just point your browser to http://your_LAN_IP_or_FQDN:32400/web


You should be able to store your files in a flexshare if you enable Third Party Access to the share. Flexshares are under /var/flexshare/shares. You then need to Add a Library in Plex and in the Edit Library settings point it to you flexshare folder.

If you want to use https to access plex, you can use a Let's Encrypt certificate. Details are are in this HowTo.

Supporting Plex

If you like and value this app, please consider supporting Plex by purchasing a PlexPass.

Additional Information

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