Log Viwer

The Log Viewer app provides access to your system's log files. Viewing log files are critical to a system administrator - both in times of health (pro-actively monitoring a server's status) and in times of trouble (logs are enormously useful in determining problems).

In many cases, problems that arise on the system and identified to the user are limited in the amount of information they disclose. For example, you may see in webconfig an error that indicates a system configuration file could not be updated. The details and explanation of why the file could not be modified are often contained in one or more log files.

You can find this feature in the menu system at the following location:

<navigation>Reports|System|Log Viewer</navigation>


The settings form allows you to control which information is displayed.

Log File

All log files are stored in the /var/log directory. A list of log files in this directory is provided as an option to select from.


Log files can grow to become big…very big. If you are viewing a log file and receiving a message that the entire contents of the file is too big to display in your browser, you can filter on keywords to narrow the size of the log file contents returned.

Webconfig's data tables also have a search feature. It may be more convenient and faster to use the table filter in place of the settings filter.

Show Full Line

Lines in a log file are sometimes very long, and this can distort the format/display of the table displaying the logs. Toggle this checkbox to either display lines that will fit in the table as a single line or display the entire contents.

Export to File

While viewing any log file, webconfig provides a mechanism to download the contents of the log file and save locally on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

If you have a filter enabled, the filter will also be applied to the download file. To ensure that the entire log file is downloaded, ensure you filter is disabled by applying the default .* entry.

Support Assistance

Whether you're requesting paid support from Sample Log Viewer ClearCenter for the Professional Edition or turning to the community of ClearOS users for assistance - sooner or later, you will be asked for snippets of your log files to assist the individual or organization providing support. Installing this app will give you quick and easy access to your log files.


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