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General Settings

This menu contains some basin Webconfig settings.


SSL Certificate

By default ClearOS will use a bootstrap certificate for the webconfig. Once a system certificate is created through the Certificate Manager, the Webconfig will switch to using the “Self-Signed Default Certificate”. You can choose from the dropdown the Default Certificate, any Let's Encrypt Certificate or any other certificate you have uploaded through the Certificate Manager.

If you use a Let's Encrypt or Commercial certificate for the Webconfig, you will no longer see SSL Certificate Warnings in your browser when you connect to the Webconfig as long as the certificate covers the domain name you are using to access the Webconfig.

Default System Language

Choose your system language from the dropdown.

Update Your Current Session

Check this box if you want the change to be effective immediately.

Installed Themes

Choose between the Category Headers style:

and Expanding Sidebar style:

for the menus on the left of the Webconfig

Hide App Description

Choose whether to hide or show the app description:

Hide or show the Recommended Apps section highlighted in the picture below.

Shutdown / Restart

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