APC Battery Backup Manager

APC Battery Backup/UPS provides status information , reporting and administrative actions for managing supported APC UPS models.


If you did not select this module to be included during the installation process, you must first install the module from the Marketplace. Use any of the Marketplace tags in the next section to help you find the app.

Marketplace Tags


Once installed, you can find this feature in the menu system at the following location:

<navigation>System|Backup|APC Battery Backup Manager</navigation>


There are only 2 configurable options

Initiate Server Shutdown

This controls the battery depletion level at which the UPS will initiate shutting down the server. It defaults to 5% but you must make sure it is set high enough to make sure the battery has enough power left for the server to shut down gracefully

Email Alerts To

If the UPS is activated or needs to send messages e.g to replace the battery this is the user to sent the e-mail to.

If you set this to “root”, you must have root aliased to a valid user in /etc/aliases. Remember to run the newaliases command after updating /etc/aliases.


Periodically you should shut down the monitor and run the command “apctest” to test or calibrate the UPS. You will also need to do this to reset the battery age/date if you change the battery. Please refer to the APC manual for details. Just running the command will also give some options. search?q=clearos%2C%20clearos%20content%2C%20APC%20Battery%20Backup%20Manager%2C%20app-apcups%2C%20clearos7%2C%20userguide%2C%20categorysystem%2C%20subcategorybackup%2C%20maintainer_bchambers%2C%20maintainer_nhowitt&amp;btnI=lucky

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