Amazon EC2 Support

Official ClearOS images are available on Amazon EC2.

AWS Image


The ClearOS 7 AMI image is located in the US East / N. Virginia location. If you are creating your ClearOS 7 system in that region, you can launch the instance using the AMI ID below:

ClearOS 7ami-8fb03898US East / N. Virginia

If you would like to launch your ClearOS system in a different region, you can copy the AMI from US East / Virginia to your desired region. Please follow the Amazon AWS Documentation for more details.

Security Group

Your Security Group configuration should allow connections to SSH on TCP port 22, as well as the web-based administration tool on TCP port 81. If you can restrict access to this port from a particular IP or range of IPs, then we recommend this option.

Setting the Password

Once the ClearOS system is up and running, the first thing you need to do is set the root password. Out of the box, ClearOS follows the defacto security standard used in Amazon EC2 - SSH login to clearos using the SSH key specified in the launch wizard:

ssh -i my_amazon.pem

Once you have a command line prompt, you can set the root password using the following command:

sudo passwd root

Once you have set a password, it is time to move on to the ClearOS first boot wizard.

First Boot Wizard

Point your web browser to port 81 on your Amazon EC2 instance. If you are having connection problems, please double check the Security Groups setting to make sure access to port 81 is allowed.

During the install wizard, you are given a choice of configuring the system as either:

  • A private server
  • A public server

If you select public server, please note that the firewall only allows connections to TCP port 81 by default. If you have an SSH session running, it will get locked out. After you have completed the wizard, you can allow SSH connections by changing the firewall.

Tips and Tricks

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