Using the Untangle Directory Connector with ClearOS

This guide provides some tips on how to use the ClearOS RADIUS/LDAP system with Untangle.


ClearOS RADIUS Configuration

Before you can connect Untangle to ClearOS RADIUS/LDAP, you need to create a client configuration entry. In other words, you need to grant access to RADIUS for the Untangle system. Please refer to the RADIUS User Guide about installation and more information.

To configure the RADIUS client configuration in ClearOS:

  • Go to <navigation>Network|Infrastructure|RADIUS Server</navigation> in the menu
  • Click on <button>Add</button> in the Clients summary
  • Specify:
    • The IP address of the Untangle system
    • A nickname of your choosing (e.g. Untangle)
    • A password for the Untangle access

That's all there is to it.

Untangle Directory Connector Configuration

To configure the Untangle Directory Connector:

  • Click on <button>Settings</button> on the Directory Connector rack
  • Click on the RADIUS Connector tab
  • Specify:
    • The IP address of the ClearOS system
    • The port number: 1812 (default)
    • The password specified above
    • The authentication method: PAP

Go ahead and click on <button>RADIUS Test</button> to make sure the connection succeeds. If all goes well, specify a ClearOS username/password in the Untangle configuration and re-test. If all goes well, save the settings to complete the configuration.


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