Using Apache Directory Studio with Samba Directory - Samba 4

The Samba Directory / Samba 4 AD DC includes an LDAP implementation. In other words, you can connect, view and manage the Samba Directory via a graphical LDAP client. This guide shows you how to connect to your Samba Directory using the Apache Directory Studio (available for Windows, Mac and Linux).



Head over to the Apache Directory Studio and install the latest version for your operating system.

  • Start up Apache Directory Studio
  • In the menu, click on <navigation>LDAP|New Connection</navigation>
  • Enter the following details:
    • Connection Name: pick a name
    • Hostname: the IP or hostname of the ClearOS system
    • Port: 389
    • Encryption Method: Try Use StartTLS first, but fall back to No Encryption if the authentication fails (see next section)

Click on Check Network Parameter to sanity check the settings. You may see a certificate warning - you know the routine. Continue on to the next step in the wizard.

Connect Apache Directory Studio to Samba 4 on ClearOS


Authentication is the next step in the wizard. Enter the following details:

  • Authentication Method: Simple Authentication
  • Bind DN or User: (realm)
  • Bind Password: the password you specified to initialize Samba Directory

Click on Check Authentication to check authentication. If all goes well, finish up the wizard.

Authenticate Apache Directory Studio to Samba 4 on ClearOS


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