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Connect Thunderbird addressbook to ClearOS Directory

Enter the following values

Name: ldap

Hostname: clearhost.example.org (replace with your COS hostname)

Base DN: dc=example,dc=com (replace with Base DN value from COS control panel under Directory–>Domain and LDAP)

Click OK and choose the “ldap” server from the list.

Notes from a conversation between Marc Laporte & Peter Baldwin

Peter wrote: The Thunderbird on my Fedora system only supported TLS on port 389, but not SSL on port 636. Wah? It's 2014! The only way I could get Thunderbird to work was using an unencrypted connection (which is disabled in ClearOS by default).

In /etc/sysconfig/ldap, uncomment and configure the following parameter:


Change the IP to whatever IP is needed for tikisuite.org and then restart LDAP:

service slapd restart

2014-03-03: Marc confirms this worked.

And later Peter wrote: “After implementing SSL certificates in OpenLDAP properly (this too will be a ClearOS update), Thunderbird was able to connect to the LDAP server using SSL.”

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