Page Layout

The page.php defines the various types of page layouts that are required in a ClearOS web interface.

Page TypeDescription
MY_Page::TYPE_CONFIGURATIONA standard configuration page (meat and potatoes)
MY_Page::TYPE_WIDE_CONFIGURATIONA configuration page that requires extra width
MY_Page::TYPE_REPORTSA report page
MY_Page::TYPE_REPORT_OVERVIEWA report overview page
MY_Page::TYPE_SPOTLIGHTMarketplace and potentially other special pages
My_Page::TYPE_SPLASHA minimalist splash page (e.g. web proxy warning)
MY_Page::TYPE_SPLASH_ORGANIZATIONA minimalist splash page that allows company logos/themes
MY_Page::TYPE_LOGINThe login page
MY_Page::TYPE_WIZARDA wizard page
MY_Page::TYPE_CONSOLEThe graphical console page


The theme engine loads the core/page.php file in your theme directory and expects to find the theme_page hook defined.

The parameter page provides a whole bunch of information that you can use to build out your layouts. search?q=clearos%2C%20clearos%20content%2C%20dev%2C%20theming%2C%20maintainer_dloper%2C%20maintainerreview_x%2C%20keywordfix&btnI=lucky

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