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Setting up monitoring on OpenShift

ClearGLASS monitoring can be enabled through this cartridge: https://github.com/celer/openshift-collectd

1) On ClearGLASS dashboard, add your OpenShift cartridge as 'Other server' in order to receive a uuid/password pair. Check out http://docs.ClearGLASS/article/28-adding-other-servers for more info. You can simple provide a title, or can also provide an ip address. Enable monitoring on this, so that you get a command with uuid/password. Copy this


the first string is the uuid (18db26b16c398c234fd4c4f27f16a25d) while the second one is the password (b48dfbd90d1d946)

2) Install https://github.com/celer/openshift-collectd , you will need to make some changes on metadata/manifest.yml file, set options similar as here https://github.com/tdkonsta/mistCollectd/blob/master/metadata/manifest.yml 3) on the conf directory, put this file https://github.com/tdkonsta/mistCollectd/blob/master/conf/collectd.conf.erb and also a file uuid with the uuid (that would be 18db26b16c398c234fd4c4f27f16a25d for this example). You will need to change the collectd.conf.erb file to reflect the uuid and password there as well. Thanks to Konstantinos Tsilfidis for helping us write and test this.

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