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Generating new keys and installing them to your servers

ClearGLASS, requires an SSH key to connect to the servers in order to provide the web shell, install the monitoring agent automatically, run scripts and provide actionable alerts and automation. If you want to skip providing SSH access, you can install the monitoring agent manually, but you will miss out all the other stuff.

To create a new keypair, navigate to the Keys section and click the Create button:


You can choose to generate a new 2048 bit RSA key, or import your own by uploading a key file or by pasting your private key on the text box.


Click on Create and your key will be associated with your ClearGLASS account (or stored locally if you're using the open source version). When you create keys with ClearGLASS now you can choose to deploy this new key. To use the key with an existing server, navigate to the Keys section, click on your key and copy the Public Key.


Paste the public key on your server's ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file. For example, if you want to deploy this key on a server for user root, you will need to paste the public key on file /root/.ssh/authorized_keys

If the /root/.ssh folder does not exist, you have to create it and set the correct permissions. Then paste the public key

# mkdir /root/.ssh 
# chmod -R 700 /root/.ssh 
# cat > /root/.ssh/authorized_keys 

If you want to associate a specific key with a machine, navigate to that machine and click on the key button on the top right 'Associate key', select the key and ClearGLASS will try to connect using root as username and port 22 as the ssh port. If you have a different user name you can provide it by clicking on the Advanced link.


Set a default ssh key for ClearGLASS

The first SSH key added to ClearGLASS becomes the default one. Then ClearGLASS will try to connect to any server with this key. If you have more than one keys, you can set one of them as the default, by selecting the key from the 'keys' section and click on 'Make default'


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