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The ClearLIFE app on the server provides derived keys for other Decentralized applications on the Server.


If your system does not have this app available, you can install it via the command line with:

yum install app-clearlife

Set up / Preparation

For this app to work your external (internet) interface of your server must be accessible from the internet on TCP port 34273. This means that if your server is directly connected to the internet then all you should have to do is open the server's incoming firewall. This is covered Firewall section below. On the other hand, if your server is behind a router, then in the router you must port forward TCP port 34273 to your server. This means that server the should also have a Static DHCP Lease from your router, or a static IP on your LAN. See the IP Settings screen to set up a Static IP.

It is important that your Internet Hostname (Webconfig > Network > Settings > IP Settings) resolves back to your WAN IP. If you don't have your own domain, you can activate your free poweredbyclear.com DDNS using the Dynamic DNS app. Then use your DDNS name as your Internet Hostname.

You can find this feature in the menu system at the following location:

Server > Decentralized > ClearLIFE



When you first go into the app, you will nee a firewall configuration panel:

ClearLIFE needs to listen on TCP port 34273, so you will need to allow connections on this port. The Allow Connections button will do this automatically for you. The Manual Configuration button will take you to the Incoming Firewall where you can configure it manually and the Hide This Warning button will do just that without doing anything to the firewall.

Once incoming connections are allowed, this panel will hide itself.

If the ClearOS Server is not your internet gateway then you will need to port forward TCP port 34273 from your router to your server.

For the initial configuration you will need the Own your NODE QR code which cam with your node or that you were supplied with.

In ClearOS Server, you will be presented with the following screen:

Following the instructions here:

  1. On your ClearPHONE go ClearLIFE > Settings (hamburger menu) > Connect ClearNODE
  2. With your phone scan the Own your Node sticker on your server or that you have been supplied with.
  3. With your phone, scan the QR code showing on the server screen.

The QR code will disappear from the server screen and on your phone you should be prompted to approve the server to have access to your key. You will need to approve this with your fingerprint.

Any time the ClearLIFE app on the server restarts, you will be asked to re-approve the server to use your key. This includes if the app itself has been updated, and any reboot of the server.

Once you have done the initial configuration, you screen will change to look like:

If you get prompted for any more key approvals such as for the ClearSHARE app, then you will see the following:


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