Starting the Install

Now that you have downloaded your ClearOS ISO you can begin the install.


DVD Installs

For optical disk-based installs of ClearOS, you will need to burn a DVD of ClearOS. You will need to use a DVD drive to install ClearOS or use a USB install to apply ClearOS to hardware. If you are using a virtual machine instance for ClearOS, you need only mount the ISO image in the management interface of your virtualization platform.

To burn the ISO image to DVD, you will need blank media capable of storing the size of the ISO image. The typical DVD size of 4.7 GB is more than sufficient for this task. You cannot copy the ISO image to the DVD as a file, it must be burned using the ISO burn process. You can then boot this DVD to start the ClearOS install. You may need to enter BIOS or hit a special key to boot from the CD/DVD device. Pay attention to the screen during boot since the boot key options are often displayed for a short period of time.

To burn the ISO image to a disk, please reference this guide which will help you with the process. If you are having trouble finding the correct key to enter BIOS or boot mode, please refer to your hardware vendor's documentation for details. Alternatively, you can do what most administrators do: hit all the function keys, delete key and random other keys while cursing about why BIOS is still around.

USB Installs

You can place the ISO image directly on a USB drive and boot off of it as your installer. This process is fairly straightforward. You can use this guide to transfer your ISO image to a USB drive and install ClearOS. The capacity of your USB drive must exceed the size of the ISO image. Also, be sure to check the BIOS of your server to make sure that you have an option to boot from USB or that you can select boot media at the power on self test (POST.)

Virtual Machines

Most virtual machine environments can boot directly from an ISO image. Please see your virtual machine documentation for details. If you are just evaluating ClearOS in a personal environment, we recommend the following minimum requirements:

  • Memory: 1 GB
  • Hard disk: 5 GB
  • USB and audio are not required

If you plan to run ClearOS in a virtual machine in a production environment, please review the system requirements.

Boot Screen

Once your system has passed all the usual hardware checks, you should see the installer screen shown below. If you have difficulty with the graphical parts of the installation of ClearOS, choose the Troubleshooting option which will give you a lower resolution install method.

 ClearOS Boot Screen

To find out more about the options at the initial boot splash screen check out this video:

Install ClearOS 7 - Part 1

Next Steps

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